21 November 2005

So ya wanna be an astronaut, huh?

As a federal government employee, I have the privilege of reading the Federal Employees News Digest every week. From the November 7, 2005 issue:

"Male astronauts exposed to cosmic rays in space are not likely to pass on possible mutations caused by the rays to their offspring, according to a new study by a collaboration that includes a scientist from the U.S. Department of Energy's Brookhaven National Laboratory."

Yet again, more proof that our tax dollars are hard at work!


Todd Marks said...

If we cut the NASA budget and our defense budget in half, BHAM, preventable disease like AIDS, Malaria, SMallPox, Cholera in africa solved, prevented. We could SAVE so many lives that we already know exist. It's like a child gets a pet gerbil and then leaves it to die to go find something more exciting in the woods. Is all our space travel the proverbial snipe hunt,a bunch of older men bored with human beings and lookling for something new to play with? Sorry for being so bitter for there's good news. The astronuats are not mutating.

Aaron Kreider said...

Oh sweet... I can finally check that question of my list...