27 October 2009

In The Secret

What's it been...like a month or so since I last checked in? I don't know...I have a number of posts started, but none are finished or ready to be published. I guess at one point in this blog's history I would have felt pressure to complete them and get them posted, but the Lord has freed me of that. Anyway...I've already said more than I intended to on this subject.

Kinda stumbled upon this video earlier this evening and a few chords in I realized it was exactly what I needed. Like exactly what I needed. So I spent the next few minutes in worship to the god who saved Daniel from the lions; and his friends from the furnace. The same god who gave his beloved, chosen people chance after chance to turn from their idols and honor Him as the God above all gods. The Great I AM. The same god whose love I sing about, write about and talk about; but have a very hard time trying to comprehend given the state of my heart.

I want to know You.

I want to truly and honestly know You.

That's my prayer tonight.