12 September 2012

Everything is Incredible

"The problem is that everything is incredible and people don’t accept it."
-Agustín [from Siguatepeque, Honduras]  

30 August 2012

Oh Joy!

Via: COLOSSAL, which I've added to my [Nu]Art sidebar due to the fact that this blog consistently provides a daily source of great mind-blowing creative inspiration.

25 July 2012

There is a hope beyond this world in which we live.

Daylight is waiting for you...

04 May 2012

adam yauch [1964-2012]

[meet] the beastie boys, originally uploaded by defythegray
the consummate professional
all around good guy
amazing rapper
creative with great vision and good taste
unique sense of humor
husband and father

much love adam...
i'll definitely miss you and your spirit

[official obit]

[jim shearer remembers yauch]

[a year and a day]

21 March 2012

Phew...I get chills watching this. It just feels right and true and good, you know?

14 February 2012

Tale of the Loving Shepherd

The teacher told his disciples the tale of a loving shepherd...

"Sometimes love wounds those she loves the most," he said. "When a lamb won't stop wandering away, the shepherd breaks her leg so she can't walk far from his side. And so, he protects her by hurting her and he rescues her from herself by sending her a suffering most kind."

And the students nodded.

"But who in the story are you?" he asked them. "The shepherd or the sheep?"

And some said one thing and others said another.

Finally, the teacher said, "We are both the shepherd and the sheep, but we do not wish to be either."

And one of the students in the back of the room added, "So is God. But he is willing to be both."

Then the master handed his staff to that student and sat at her feet, as a child sits before his mother.

Excerpted from Sailing Between The Stars by Steven James

05 January 2012


No pomp or circumstance this year...just a few of the sounds that captured my ear, heart and mind in 2011.

Josh Garrels . White Owl
This is the lead track from Josh's album, Love & War & The Sea In Between. After just one listen, it's easy to see why this was chosen as the lead track -- you can't help but want to hear what the rest of the 18-song album holds in store. And trust me, you won't be disappointed. Although none of the songs match the timeless beauty of White Owl, they all shine in their own unique way. This is an album that crosses all genres, but yet brings an amazingly fresh voice to each. And with that, there is no question that Love & War & The Sea In Between is my favorite album of the year.

Josh Garrels . Farther Along
Don't even get me started on the organ that opens this one...followed by lyrics like these:
So much more to life than we’ve been told
It’s full of beauty that will unfold
And shine like you struck gold my wayward son
That deadweight burden weighs a ton
Go down into the river and let it run
And wash away all the things you’ve done

Katie Herzig . Make A Noise
As I mentioned in a previous post, this track is epic! May it remind you today to "make a noise" with the light that you carry around inside you everyday.

James Blake . The Wilhelm Scream
I believe this is one of those songs that you either love or hate. I happen to fall into the love it catagory. Experimental in its sound, I believe it casts just the right tension to aide in the telling of this story.

Radiohead . Codex
Radiohead is a staple in my music collection. This is a solid track off of their self-released King of Limbs album.

Kye Kye . Broke
A redemptive track from a band I discovered from a RELEVANT magizine sampler. I especially like the last minute of this one.

Beastie Boys . Here's A Little Something For Ya
I've been a fan of the Beastie Boys since my high school days (early 90s). Always good news for my ears when they release a new album -- and I love every single bit of it. Here's A Little Something For Ya is the standout track for me.

Sepalcure . Pencil Pimp
An electronic instrumental track that rose above all others I heard in 2011. In spite of its unfortunate title, there's a story in here...you may get it on the first listen, or it may come to you at a much later time.

Tycho . Hours
I was introduced to Tycho's music over at the ISO50 blog, which is a daily read for me. Tycho has an extremely deep knowledge of the music-making process and I know from reading along during the creation of this album that it was indeed a labor of love, where every sound (and I mean every sound) was intentional and thoughtful -- it all comes through in this track. And I'm definitely feelin' its laid back, analog sound.

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