21 January 2008

What Joy?

Photo by Angie Hertlein

Jesus You're more than a friend
Jesus You're more than my heart could ever express
Your love and Your grace never fail me
Your merciful touch always heals me
You bring joy to my soul

The band introduced a new song last night -- Jeremy's Riddle's More Than A Friend [Follow link to MP3]

I needed to hear this song last night.

Especially the line about joy.

For its been absent from my heart for quite some time.

Spiritual joy, that is.

And then last night, right before we sang this song, as I was contemplating what the bread and the wine mean to me at this point in my life, I was thinking about the lack of spiritual joy in my heart. A feeling that I couldn't possibly describe to you; but yet a feeling whose loss is more real than life itself.

And I just asked Jesus: "Where is this joy that I once knew?"

And then said: "Please heal the parts of my heart that currently prevent me knowing it, or opening myself to this joy."

And just about then, Ben (our worship leader) asked us to join the band and this line about joy soon followed.

The tears began to cloud my vision as I saw the hand of Jesus reaching down to me.

And I remembered that His voice is usually not audible, at least for me. But that it speaks just as clearly regardless. For that I am thankful.

Today I begin the journey of recapturing that joy.

In fact, I'm gonna work on a painting I started as a gift to Ben and his wife almost a year ago, right after I ask the Lord what he would have me paint for them.

So know that whatever your soul craves today is within your reach.

You just need to stretch your hand out to Him.

And begin the healing process.

15 January 2008

Church Dio Padre Misericordioso (Jubilee Church) . Rome