14 February 2006

love, but not enough (letting go)

It's over. I get it.
Time has passed, but I haven't moved on
Just better understand my place in this world
I'm an alien here, I don't belong
Must die everyday, just to survive
Even most friends, don't understand

You say there's no truth in life
But I find life in Truth
The shadow proves the sunshine
The brilliance of the sunshine the Truth
It's all around, look past your mind
To quench the thirst of your heart

So what did I mean to you?
Am I my own person, or simply lumped in a group?
Could you see thru my human flaws and down to my core?
What did you see?
A man full of rehearsed lines and hate, or
A man full of passion for something higher?
My intent was not to force, just make you think

I'm human, so I must vent
You come off being all accepting
But you could never accept my view of life
Yeah, me neither, but never claimed I did
Was it all just too real, so you had to rid?

The foolishness of the World -- self-delight
Having all, yet still needing all
Time can't heal all wounds, only One can
Our vow was strong, but not quite enough
Never stop loving, or searching for light
Eternally petition for you with all my might
For darkness encapsulates, you're not alone in this fight

So when life comes to an end
And we're staring across the lines
If you were right, I'll bow out of sight
But if you were wrong...
...I'll have to let go

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