03 July 2006


So He asked me to consider perspective today...

A co-worker comes into my office and comments that I have a nice view out of my window. This was based on the fact that there happens to be a tree between my window and the 10-story concrete parking garage across the street. I normally scoff at my view b/c there is a large support beam in the middle of my oversized office-building window and b/c that same tree does not bear leaves during the fall and winter. So I went and looked out of her window, and its just a straight shot view into another, rather non-descript office building.

And it all became so totally apparent in my mind. He asked me to consider my plight in life at the moment -- extremely blessed -- and reminded me that He truly knows what's best for me and that everything inside my heart is gently cupped in His scarred hands.

So for today...I choose to trust His provisions for my life.

And when I "forget" tomorrow, or when the pangs of my heart cry out in human weakness, I'll have the tree outside my window to remind me that the One who provides its leaves, will surely provide for me.

His divine power has given us everything we need for life.


miller said...

nothing like a little perspective!

wonderfully written bro.


miller said...


did you take that photo?

its great!

troy. said...

Photo was "borrowed" from Google images.

troy. said...

Back to the subject. In a weird twist of "I-know-Satan-is-real-and-working," the very night (and next day) after posting this was one of the toughest I've faced in a while on the whole subject of trusting God's provisions in my life.

I kept thinking back to this post (and the tree), but I couldn't let my fears, worries and concerns go.

But I'm greatful for the process of working this out and not having to be perfect. A little more perspective, I guess.

sis said...

Nicole Nordeman wrote a song about a painting called Anyway. Here's an except:
"Bless the day this restoration is complete. Dirty, dusty, something must be underneath--so I scrape and I scuff though its never quite enough--I am starting to see me finally...Every layer of mine hides a lovely design--it might take a little patience--it might take a little time. But you called me beautiful when you saw my shame and you placed me on the wall anyway. You who have begun this work will someday see a portrait of the holiness you meant for me. But you called me beautiful...

Tim said...


i appreciate your insight.