15 October 2006

Between Darkness & Light

Did it ever hit you that we live on a plane between darkness and light?

A very thin plane.

Tonight I thank the Lord for revealing the darkness of my heart.

I thank Him for choosing not to remove it completely from my life.

I thank Him for letting me struggle with it on a number of different levels.

For Light is more appreciated in darkness.


Anonymous said...

It's like: Poco se aprecia la vida sino es por la muerte. O es que solo cuando la muerte se hace presente que la vida toma un valor inestimable.
I try to translate in english, but it losts something. The idea: Only when the presence of the opposite than other idea becomes high light.

Becky said...

Translation> Its hard to appreciate life until you go through death. Or maybe it is when death makes itself present that life becomes too precious to measure.

troy. said...

Thanks for stopping by. I don't read spanish(??), but I totally get what you're saying. Must be a Holy Spirit thing. Hopefully you'll pass thru my "town" again sometime soon.

And Becky, thanks for the translation. I especially like your second take on it.

troy. said...

darkness swirls around me,
laughing wicked thoughts,
clawing at my feet.
it's so easy to slip
when i'm living this close
to the escarpment of hell.

o lord of life,
draw me closer to the light!
let love become the language
of my heart once again.


-From Story: Recapture The Mystery by Steven James