12 March 2007


My good friend Miller posted a flat-out, MUST READ the other day. I mean, his posts are always steeped in quality, but every now and then, he just places the arrow directly in the center of that tiny red bullseye. Partake of it here. And I use that particular phrase because just like the wine and bread we consume in rememberance, you must allow this post to metaphorically trace through your veins in order to fully comprehend and appreciate its depth.

And for some of you, this may challenge your thinking.

It may even make you a bit uncomfrontable.

But it may also plant seeds that could change the way you live.

And look around Toward Simplicity while you're there -- make sure you check out The 411 Project.


miller said...

thanks bro...

you are far more generous than i deserve.


Tim said...

troy - thanks for the link. ..an inspiring word from God!