12 April 2007

One World

"We do not need to justify our endeavors by tacking on a few Christian slogans at the end to somehow redeem them. Christ redeems what we do.... There is no Christian world, no secular world; these are just words. There is only one world -- the world God made."
[Frank Schaeffer]

Artwork by Linda Fries
Many Lands #9 [2003]
Earth pigment on paper


miller said...

amen bro!

one world.


Anonymous said...

I agree that there is only one world, made by GOD, however, there our different rulers of that one world. Currently, according to the Bible, the devil (Satin, a fallen angle) is the ruler. Some day, when Jesus returns, He will set up His kingdom and be the ruler for all eternity right here on the new earth.