24 May 2007

Between Heaven & Earth

Between Heaven & Earth

This is where I find myself these days. I'm thinking about life way too much. I've become so caught up in trying to figure out what God desires of my life, that I've totally forgotten about God in the process.

It's like I desire to live out the kingdom of heaven right here on Earth so desperately, but yet find myself at a standstill. I can't quite grasp heaven, but yet find that my feet are not touching the surface of this planet. Sorta like I'm living inside the Matrix, if you know what I mean.

It's tiring. It's draining.
It's not a state of living I associate with His Kingdom.

I need time to rest and pray.

I know the source of significance in my life, so I don't need to embark on a quest to find that.

I even know the passions that are driven by that Source.

What I need...

What I must do...

is reconnect with that Source.


jean said...

Troy, I too many times find myself between Heaven and Earth...and what I am learning is that He is in the midst of where I am at and He continues to plant my feet on the Solid Rock even when I am feel I am slipping off it or in the slimy pit. He continues to stay connected to me, despite my disconnectedness, questions, doubts and fears.

Thanks for the picture!

miller said...

i love ya bro.

and i hear ya...

you describe an issue i deal with constantly.

strength and honor.