10 September 2007

Thru the eyes of a child...

Actual conversation between my mum and my 3-year old niece that took place earlier today:

Kiaya: I love you, Nanny.
Nanny: Why do you love me Kiaya?
Kiaya: Because that's how I am, I love everybody in the whole world.

As I'm writing this thru eyes blurred by tears,
I'm praying that I would see the people in this world more clearly.

More like a child.

More like Kiaya.

More like my Lord.


Anonymous said...

Jesus had the LOVE attitude right up to the very end of his ministry.

In John 13 we often remark about Jesus taking on the roll of a servant and washing the disciples feet, even Judas, but I think the most remarkable think was when He told them their was a traitor among them and they looked around amazed not having any idea who it was.

That tell me he treated Judas the same as all the others even though He knew what was coming.

That is looking through the eyes of LOVE.

I’m working on it but it is not easy for me.

troy. said...

Anonymous -- that's good insight. Never really looked at the passage like that.

When we read the Bible for insight and direction from the Spirit, its so important to remember that the Bible tells the story of lives that were actually lived. Not simply accounts that happened in a vaccum.

Most of the times the Word presents such a small view of that story -- thanks for opening my eyes to something that happened "off camera."