17 October 2007


Currently Reading:
Sailing Between the Stars: Musings on the Mysteries of Faith . By Steven James
I totally identify with this guys writing style -- a generous mix of story-telling, scripture and poetry. And the story told is uplifting, convicting and thought provoking (as it always is). Highly recommended.

Currently Listening To:
Radiohead . In Rainbows
The story surrounding this release matches the music itself. Out of thin air, the band posted a message on its website that said: "Well, the new album is finished, and it's coming out in 10 days." I mean, everyone knew they were working on a new album, but there wasn't even talk about a release date. On top of that, the band released this album in downloadable form and let its fans decide how much they wanted to pay for the download! I paid $5 for the ten 160-bit MP3's that make up the album -- the highlights of which are the haunting "All I Need" and "Videotape"; as well as the upbeat and, dare I say it, almost fun "Jigsaw Falling Into Place". A quality Radiohead album that focuses on music (as opposed to experimentation).

Current Life Quote:
"I am nothing -- how could I ever find the answers? I will put my hand over my mouth in silence. I have said too much already. I have nothing more to say."

-Steven James


Tim said...

good analysis of Rainbows. always something intriguing about a Radiohead release.

there is a second disc available only with the box set of Rainbows... has 8 more songs. hopefully that will become available later on. i'd like to hear it, too.

Becky said...

Just read it today from cover to cover.
There simply are no words...
And by the way, the book I gave you for Christmas a couple years ago? Finally got around to reading it this week.
Can you hear my soul? Its singing again.