10 November 2007


notes by troy.
idea by Tim


Mum said...

You can receive His Grace and Love by putting the Word to work. Take a moment and reflect on the riches of God's grace and thank Him for His love and kindness toward you (see Ephesians 2:4-7). Grace is the Holy Spirit's power to not only save us but to enable us to live holy lives and to accomplish the will of God. We can do this by dwelling in the presence of God. Spend time with God through prayer, worship & time in His Word. Galatians 2:16 - Thank You, God, that I am not made righteous by the Law, but only through faith and absolute reliance on and trust in Jesus Christ.

Tim said...

Grace finds beauty
In everything.

see the beauty.
find the grace.

there's gotta be a connection there.

Anonymous said...

In the movie Unbreakable:
"there is the part at the very end where the story of a "hero" that saved the two kids appears in the newspaper and Dunn slides the paper over to his son and the son know's this hero is his dad and that his dad has lived up to
his calling -- the calling the boy could see in his dad the whole time. To me,the son represents Christ -- he has called us and believes in us. And, despite our own questioning, will never give us more than we can handle.
Overall, the main theme that runs thru this film is Dunn coming to terms with his call. Step by step he travels down a road that ultimately leads to his own belief, which he acts out at the house. Even though he's scared
to death, he trusts that he is capable of doing it. Of being who he was created to be. It's truly filled with hope (admist the other darkness)."

troy. said...

Mum - Thanks. I love you.

Anonymous - Thanks. I couldn't have said it any better. You should check out it therefore follows… for more on this struggle to “see” ourselves.

Tim - I woke up this morning thinking about your comment (quoting Bono).

So if I create beauty, I am inviting grace to enter my story. Or, as you posit, if I see beauty, I find grace.

And I think on the flip-side of us doing/creating something, there's this point where we are given grace that allows us to see beauty, goodness and light even in the ugliest, harshest and darkest things.

And then after that I believe there are precious moments where we are given glimpses of the world through the eyes of Christ. Where we see EVERYTHING through the eyes of grace -- so there is no longer ugliness or darkness, only beauty and light. And I’m not implying that somehow that makes the world perfect b/c suffering and death is certain; but rather that we are filled with a compassion that moves us to action.

All - Thanks for engaging with me on this journey!