27 October 2009

In The Secret

What's it been...like a month or so since I last checked in? I don't know...I have a number of posts started, but none are finished or ready to be published. I guess at one point in this blog's history I would have felt pressure to complete them and get them posted, but the Lord has freed me of that. Anyway...I've already said more than I intended to on this subject.

Kinda stumbled upon this video earlier this evening and a few chords in I realized it was exactly what I needed. Like exactly what I needed. So I spent the next few minutes in worship to the god who saved Daniel from the lions; and his friends from the furnace. The same god who gave his beloved, chosen people chance after chance to turn from their idols and honor Him as the God above all gods. The Great I AM. The same god whose love I sing about, write about and talk about; but have a very hard time trying to comprehend given the state of my heart.

I want to know You.

I want to truly and honestly know You.

That's my prayer tonight.


非凡 said...
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Amanda Wilkinson said...

Hello Troy from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. My name is Amanda. I was reading what you wrote about your song and was really impressed/curious. I will be leaving Utah to serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I was called to serve in the New York Rochester Mission. Have you ever been to Palmyra, New York? I will be serving at Hill Cumorah and would love it (if it's not to far away) for you to come and take a tour from me! It's ironic--every night I pray to find people who want to know God.
Troy, I have a testimony that I am a literal daughter of God. I know that you are His literal Son. I know my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and bear witness to you that He lives. He loves you. I promise what I have to say will change your life forever, and you will be eternally happier because of it. I testify that the Book of Mormon is an account of Jesus Christ written by ancient prophets who lived in America. I know that it was translated by the gift and power of God. It is a powerful book. I know that if you want to know that it is true for yourself (don't take my word for it), the Spirit will testify that it is--to your heart and to your mind--when you read this book. Or if you'd like, you can visit with representatives from our church like me! There are a bunch in PA. My blog is dedicated to my friends and family while I'm gone. I would love for you to read it. You can also visit mormon.org and learn more about us and even talk to a missionary! I don't think it's by chance that I clicked 'Next Blog' and it was yours. I may not be able to write back on here (because I leave in two days and will not have much internet access), but my addresses are on my blog too. Please write me a letter (to the MTC address before Feb 24, and to the Mission Home address if it's after). I really hope I can talk to you and maybe meet you someday. Come visit me in August and you can see the Hill Cumorah Pageant!! It's free and it's amazing. All about Christ. I love Him with all my heart and can't wait to kneel at his feet someday and tell him 'thank you'.

Sister Wilkinson

P.S. If any of this seems weird or confusing, please just give it a chance. I know new things can be a little hard at first.

troy. said...

Hi Amanda!

Thanks for taking the time to read this post. Please feel free to look around some more -- I think what you'll find is a just a humble guy sharing his heart. The good. The bad. The broken. The redeemed.

I suppose that you and I use a lot of the same terms when talking about that which we believe gives us life; but I'm pretty sure we wouldn't really define those terms in the same way, which makes what we actually believe to be very different. Here's the thing for me and my life...I don't believe I can convince you to believe what I believe. In fact, I believe that only the triune God (Father, Son & Holy Spirit) can do that. Nor do I want to engage in a debate about our beliefs. I can only share my story. And here's the crux of it.

I was raised a Christian and, over the years, was taught a lot about what I should and should not believe. Although that certainly laid the foundation upon which I would later build, it by no means defined the beliefs that I now hold dear. In other words, I don't believe what I believe because of what someone taught me, or even because of something that I have read.

I believe because I have encountered Jesus -- through his Word, through the Spirit and as His love is played out in the lives of those around me. The truth is that I have read the Bible from beginning to end and find that it lacks nothing. It is complete. And God-breathed. The redemptive story, although not always told in the most clear or consistent fashion, is told nonetheless. And what I think you'll find on the pages of this blog is an account of me working out that story in my own life. Blessings on your journey!

In Christ,