30 April 2010

A day in the (new) life

So Angie and I are sitting on the couch last night watching The Blind Side (great story, good film).
All of the sudden she grabs my hand and puts it on her belly.
A few seconds later I felt this delicate, little kick!
The first I've felt from our little baby boy!

A rush of emotions washed over me...
Love for a child I've yet to meet.
A very deep sense of love for my wife who is bearing the host of physical and emotional changes that a pregnancy brings.
A realization, which becomes more of a reality as Angie's belly grows, that I am charged by God to care for, support and raise this little child of His according to the grace He gives.

As my eyes filled to the brink of tears, I pondered those I would shed during my son's life -- tears of sadness, tears of joy and tears of pride, among others.

Abba Father
Instruct me in the way of love
Break me, continue to mold me
So that I may live for You and you alone
Do the same for his mother
And give this baby the power, through your Spirit, 
to run toward You with everything he has

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Lauren said...

Wow, congratulations guys!