11 February 2011

Frank Wuestefeld . Unchain Me

Picking back up on my last post...

As I said before, the thing that really jumps out at me after watching this short documentary is the fact that it totally captures the passion that Scott Schumann has for what he does and how he lives his life.

Which begs some questions...

Is it just the lucky few in life who are able to make a living doing what they are passionate about? Or is it the fact that I refuse to live out the freedom (which I purport to find in Christ) in lieu of the lies of security and safeness found in my 9 to 5 job? Maybe I'm just supposed to chase down my passions as a hobby. You know, in all my spare time. Okay. But what happens when the life we have chained ourselves to gets in the way of following those God-seeded passions? I mean, the first things that usually get axed from our "lists" are our hobbies and passions, right? Why is that?

Am I the only one living like this?
Why do I [we] refuse the freedom in place of the familiar? 
Why do I [we] refuse the freedom in place of the security?
Why do I [we] live in chains?

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