14 September 2006

Blood Brothers

This past weekend I traveled 1,500 miles to meet this one guy I met thru blogging.

Going in, I wasn't sure we had a whole lot in common, but knew that we both shared a passion for living a life beyond the bounds of normalcy -- each in our own unique way.

We're just two guys searching for something higher.

Something that looks like "walking in the dust" of this one Jewish guy who lived on this earth some 2,000 years ago.

Our weekend together dripped with God.

Before I left, he gave me the first pocket-knife he ever bought for himself.

Told me that he had carried it for years, and skinned squirrels and other small game with it.

I'm not into hunting or anything, and despite my status as one trained in the law, I know very little about the Second Amendment.

But what I do know, beyond all doubt, is that when another man gives you his pocket-knife, it's a pretty big deal.

I felt so unworthy...like I was taking something from one of his sons or something.

But he would be the first to remind me that we are all undeserving recipients of grace -- every single day of our lives.

Not one drop of our blood has ever mixed, but we are certainly brothers locked together by the blood of Christ.

Blessings, Miller.

1 comment:

miller said...

thanks Troy,

you are indeed my brother.

may the blade be ever sharp and the blood upon it be never yours:)

strength and honor