18 September 2006

The Gate of Heaven

Jacob's Dream
Jack Maxwell

I had the priviledge to view this piece in person last weekend. In fact, it had just been completed earlier that day! It sits on the grounds of Abilene Christian University and was dedicated to the school in honor of a generous donor to the university.

It's a striking piece, no doubt. But there's always that one element that kinda sticks out in any piece of work -- and I was waiting for it to hit me. I stood at a distince and did a circle around it. But nothing really hit me -- there were just too many elements to take in.

When I returned to visit it the next day, I again stood at a distance, but this time was grounded -- I couldn't move.

It was the ladder that got me.

Notice that although the bottom rungs of the ladder are anchored in the stone, they eventually break forth in freedom. Look closely and you'll see that the individual rungs beautifully float -- for they are not supported by braces that touch the ground. Rather, they are supported by the invisible hand of God.

It reminded me of all my feeble attempts to "support" my own life.

It encouraged me to take hold of that one rung just outside of my comfrontable reach.

It was God asking me to climb the ladder of faith -- once again.

It was God daring me to experience all that He promises to His beloved in this life.


Jean said...

Troy, I am praying for you as you "step" onto that "rung" of faith and that God's steadfast love and faithfulness will support you as you experience knowing God at such a deep intimate level.

Blessings, my friend.

Matt Maxwell said...

This is my father's piece and I am really touched by your words. I am going to share this with my dad and I am sure it will mean alot to him.
I also love that there are no rungs. When he designed the concept 5 years ago I thought it was never going to work but, like all of my dad's other pieces, he worked a miracle.
The Lord has truly blessed him with the gift of art and I am forever in awe of his creations.
Thank you for your kind words.

troy. said...

Thanks for your words. Seriously. It's so cool to hear from you -- a complete, unexpected blessing!

And trust me, the few words in that blog post are nothing compared to the stuff in my heart that your father's piece evoked.

I will return to Abilene someday with the people I love the most in order to share this experience with them.

BTW: I linked into your blog and when I saw those early pics of your parents working on the wings -- I just felt like I was looking into somewhere where I shouldn't be. So sacred. Something like I can imagine one of the temple boys might have seen when the high priests were entering the Holy of Holies. So thanks for the insight. None of us are worthy of the blessings bestowed by the One above.