13 December 2006

Let Go

It gains the more it gives
And it rises with the fall

* * *
So let go, let go
Just get in
Oh, it's so amazing here
It's alright
Cause there's beauty in the breakdown

Lyrics by Frou Frou, Let Go
Photo by Matthew Oliver


Anonymous said...

I like this picture. Beautiful blue sky, lots of trees and one colorful leafy branch in the foreground. Did you know that the leaves on a pin oak die in the fall but the tree holds on to them until spring and the new growth pushes them off? What does that repersent in your spiritual life?

troy. said...

No lie -- I was thinking about the leaves this morning. I thought that the leaves had to drop before new ones could bud in the spring. It's like they HAVE to let go so that others may spring forth. And then I thought, well maybe the new ones just push the old away.

Thankfully, we have an arborist who reads this blog and can explain the natural phenoms that God has set in place. So thanks for sharing your knowledge with us!

I guess in my own life, those leaves represent the things in me that are dead (my sinful nature), but that I hold onto until the Spirit teaches me enough and finally gives me the strength to push away. As a friend of mine says, its about staying in the lesson long enough so that the Spirit can finally show us that our choosing to push the dead parts off is truly worth the effort.

jean said...

I appreciate these comments. As I was having my quiet time this morning my eyes were drawn to tree outside my window and I noticed the dew drops on the branches, the leaves all off the tree yet the branches were still being nurtured by the rain drops. Much like my spiritual life, as I die unto my self and God purges my inner bieng, He continues to nuture my soul and I realize that He is the vine and I am the branch.

How much I appreciate His creation and how He speaks to me through all that He has created. Thank you Troy for your post.