29 December 2006

Sunday Mornings

homemade breakfast
strawberry milk
a thick newspaper
What memories do you associate with Sunday mornings?

k-os . sunday morning [follow link to MP3]
This could very well be the "feel good" song of 2007.
Regardless, it'll keep you dancin' thru the rest of 2006.


miller said...

having to share my dad with my mom and sister as we drove to church...

the best sunday memory i have is the day dad and i stayed home to fix fence, it may have been the best sunday of my childhood.

then again, sundays i got to spend time with diana... she was a hotty! sixth grade had its perks... but they had little to do with school.


Anonymous said...

Fighting with my brother over the bathroom.
An hour drive or more to church in a volkswagon van. We'd pick up people the whole way--so they didn't have to walk. Every seat was filled and every lap held at least one more person, and a couple could cram in the very back.
Singing hymns at snail-like tempo accompanied by a single guitar--all the verses, every time.
Teaching lots of kids with runny noses a missionary story--the kind with the picture on the front and the words on the back--translating it as I went.
My Dad telling Vietnam stories in broken Portuguese--and crying every time he preached. I didn't know then it was the Holy Spirit.

troy. said...

Miller: Actually one of my fondest Sunday morning memories also involved staying home from church with my dad -- Breakfast at Wimbledon. Whenever there was a prime match-up in the men's finals (which are always shown live in the U.S. on Sunday mornings), dad would let me and my brother stay home from church with him. Mum would go on her own. And I'm pretty sure my brother didn't actually watch the tennis, he just got in on the deal out of fairness.

Becky: I got claustrophobic just reading that! And whoever knew that the Holy Spirit was hereditary?

rick said...

early morning motorcycle ride
hot shower
leaving for church
going back to the house, debby
always forgot something
church - God and freinds
mikie's for lunch

troy. said...

leaving for church, going back to the house, debby always forgot something

So true! :) That one made me laugh. Love ya, Mum!!

early morning motorcycle ride

Yeah, let me add to my list: Dad getting a full day's activities in before we even left for church! Which accounts for why I always watched most of the football games by myself while he was sleeping the afternoon away!

mikie's for lunch

Lg. Heath Candy Cream!! Ummmm....

jean said...

Sunday mornings... riding in the car standing next to my dad going to work with him while my mom and brother and 2 sisters went to church. Then when I was eight my dad was in the car taking us all to church and Sunday mornings took on a whole new meaning for a little girl. Plus the whole gammet of getting ready for church arguing with my sisters and brother about who was going to sit by the car windows and not get stuck in the middle. I don't remeber being able to look out the window very often:-)