28 January 2007

Kevin, Katie + Kids

I'm having one of those uncle moments -- so wishing I could be in Waynesboro with my family and nieces today. I've just spent a half-hour or so looking through all the digital pics I have of them, thanks to their Pap, who probably has no less than 75% of his hard drive dedicated to pics of the girls.

I came across these two pics -- Kevin (my brother) & Kiaya, Katie (my sister-in-law) & Kiera. I thought about writing nothing and just allowing the pics to speak for themselves, but I've got something I'd like to acknowledge.

I'd just like to say that these two are some of the best parents around. To watch these "kids" turn into the parents they've become has been such a blessing. My brother made a Mouer Girls DVD for us this past Christmas -- best present I received -- and it is just priceless to see video of Kevin and Katie interacting with the girls in the "quiet" times at their home. It's so cool when the Lord uses your younger sibilings to teach you big-time life lessons. They have modeled so much to me. The joy their family brings to my life...no words. Each one of you is truly beautiful. I love you guys!


Anonymous said...

Tell the truth PAP has 95% of that hard drive covered with those grand kids . Hay Troy We are quite Proud of you to. I JUST HAD ONE OF THOSE UNCLE MOMENTS.

Anonymous said...

You've taught us a lot too there dear brother. Thanks for always thinking of us. Kiaya can't wait til Unk Troy comes home again. She had a blast the last time.