24 January 2007

You Are Beautiful

Earlier this month I was walking across the bridge from City Island into Harrisburg when I noticed new graffiti on the walkway up ahead. I prepared myself for some obscene phrase that I would now have to endure everyday I walked the span. I was pleasantly surprised when I got closer and was able to read: You Are Beautiful. It brought a smile to my face and later proved to have great personal significance to me.

Little did I know that two weeks later I would discover its probable source.

You Are Beautiful is an avant-garde project where people from all over the world use the medium of advertising and commercialization to create art and spread a positive message. Anyone is welcome, there is no age or skill level necessary. The project is as inclusive as the message. The simplicity of this project is as breath-taking as its powerful message.

Definitely spend some time looking around the site. And then get out and contribute to the project.


miller said...

trully, a great act of defying the grey!

i love you bro...

and BTW,

you are beautiful!


Anonymous said...

always inspiring...

it seems to much that the things you blog are the things God has placed inside my heart, soul + mind.

last month i preached a message to my youth titled 'I Choose You'...

i talked about how God views each of us as beautiful.

John 15:16
Isaiah 52:7

Anonymous said...

Joe Cocker sang....

You are so beautiful, to me
You are so beautiful, to me
Can't you see
You're everything I hoped for
You're everything I need
You are so beautiful
To me

How many times do we tell someone we love this?

troy. said...

I know a guy in Texas who would say the same. As would a couple of my friends here in Hershey/Harrisburg. And now you in Ohio.

And each one of them could tell you of others. And each of those "others" could again tell of more. And the web grows.

It's way bigger than us, bro! And it's exciting! I'm humbled by our almighty & loving Father.

Great question. I'm gonna start by telling those that I love.

Anonymous said...

from our youth worship service: