08 June 2007


So this is what New Orleans looked like just about two years ago -- completly flooded after Hurricane Katrina swept through its city limits in August of 2005. There is still great need in the area.

I’m heading down there today to share love with those affected by Katrina. I’ll be down there a week with a team of adults and teens from my church. We will work through a sister church in Covington, Louisiana -- Trinity Church. Angie will make the journey with me; as will my brother, Kevin.

My church has been sending teams down to Covington on a monthly basis since the hurricane struck in 2005. The Lord has been (gently) tugging on my heart for some time and I’m excited about the opportunity to serve Him by serving His beloved whose lives have been physically, emotionally and spiritually devastated by Katrina. We serve a God of restoration. A God of redemption.

Our team happens to be in Covington during Trinity’s vacation bible school -- so we’ll be helping with that in the mornings. The tasks we’ll be performing in the afternoons is literally up in the air, but could include gutting houses, removing trees and/or rebuilding homes. I'm generally excited about meeting people, hearing their stories and praying with them. In other words, shining Light into their lives, only by the grace and power of our Risen Savior!

Your prayers for this journey are coveted. Pray that He would increase and that I would decrease. Pray that our team would be so filled with the love of God that it naturally emanates from us to His sheep in Covington and New Orleans.

May we first live for Him!


jean said...

I am praying for you and Angie, may His hand and heart be with you.

Blessings friend,

miller said...

we were so glad to hear about your journey to the south. i'm excited about the work you will do there and i know God's hand will be in it and on it...

strength and honor