03 June 2007


It kinda goes without saying that I have redesigned my blog. I've been meaning to do this for a while now, but finally got around to it. I had a lot of fun with the redesign and I hope you guys enjoy the new look. Anyway, I thought it'd be cool to look back at my first post and remind myself what this was originally all about.

Posted on October 31, 2005:

Alright...b/c I got a lot to say (and more to learn), many stories and pictures to share, and know of a few people who might listen and actually be interested, I decided to enter the blogging game. I guess the general direction of this blog will be the things in life I find important (family, friends, living out my faith, the arts, music) and the things I think about (faith, religion, the arts, life itself, modern culture).

To the extent that there is any discussion, it MUST remain open and non-combative. This is not the forum to spew hate and intolerance. Open your mind, listen and learn! What you'll experience is a glimpse into the life of someone who holds a different viewpoint -- maybe it'll change you, maybe it'll solidify your own beliefs. Either way, you'll learn something. I've discovered that there is a beauty in life when you realize that maybe you don't have it all figured out like you once thought you did. The growth and freedom that comes from this realization will make you a more relevant citizen of this World.

Let the blogging begin...

1 comment:

miller said...

i remember that blog!

its been a good trip bro and i look forward to much much more...

i have to say i greatly desire to hear more from you.

you still have much to say!

and i like the new look.