30 May 2008

Be The One

Finger + Light . Kiaya Mouer

Tim over at Fantastic Distraction recently challenged his readers to write about the power of music. He recalled the first time he truly listened to U2's With Or Without You and the power of that song when he hears it today to take him back some 21 years as if it were just yesterday.

One of my new favorite bands is the British indie-pop outfit The Ting Tings. I actually just heard their song Be The One earlier this morning. The power of this 2 minute 58 second gem lies in it's ability to take you somewhere else -- someplace that you're not necessarily "allowed" to go. Like for me it takes me out of my desk chair for a walk across the Walnut Street Bridge on this absolutely beautiful and amazing Spring day. Hope it takes you for a ride, too!

The Ting Tings . Be The One (follow link to MP3)

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