06 June 2008


Currently Reading:
The Shack . By William P. Young
Understanding religion, faith, truth and a relationship with our Creator is a lifelong journey. This book is another brick in the road that leads to our freedom. I encourage you to read it, sift it and grow.

Currently Listening To:
The Ting Tings . We Started Nothing
There's nothing deep or meaningful about this album, it's just a whole lotta fun! Essential indie-pop listening for the summer (and thereafter)!

Current Life Quote:
"Faith never knows where it is being led. But it knows and loves the One who is leading."

-Oswald Chambers


jean said...

Hi Troy. I just finished reading The Shack about a two weeks ago. It is a good read and very thought provoking. I thought the representation of the unity of the trinity challenges one to a greater depth of loving,selfless giving and deferring to one another. The emphasis of forgiving, loving and living free from shame and guilt releases one towards an unconditional acceptance of His love and then releases us to love deeply. Your quote from Oswald Chambers speaks true of "faith" and the connection to the story of The Shack.

Anonymous said...

The Shack is a good read