07 July 2008

Maker Moment

Photo by Rick Mouer

I've been sitting on this photo (captured by my dad) for a while and didn't know when or how I would use it until Tim came up with this idea about seeing God in the ordinary. I'm not sure if this qualifies as ordinary, but it's certainly a maker moment.


Tim said...

beautiful reminder.

Anonymous said...

I like Tim's idea of seeing God in the ordinary things of life:

· An ant
· A bumblebee
· A flower
· A piece of fruit
· A garden
· The grain in wood

But a rainbow goes beyond ordinary, it is a promise from God that has been kept for the last 10000 years and will be kept forever.

How great is that?

Gloria Ives said...

That is an incredibly amazing bit of the ordinary, that your Dad captured because he was present. Which is exactly Where God, in My estimation resides. And it's the best place to visit.
There is a good Book I like By Larry Dossey, called the Healing Power of Ordinary Things. You may like it too.

I like the way this Blog is set up. ;)