22 December 2010

O Magnum Mysterium

O magnum mysterium [O great mystery]
et admirabile sacramentum [and wonderful sacrament]
ut animalia viderent Dominum natum [that animals should see the new-born Lord]
jacentem in praesepio [lying in a manger]

Beata Virgo, cujus viscera [Blessed is the Virgin whose womb]
meruerunt portare [was worthy to bear]
Dominum Christum [Christ the Lord]

Alleluia [Alleluia]

As you unravel the mystery of Christ's birth,
may it lead you to the truth of His cross.

Have a blessed Christmas.

And thank you for choosing to stop by here every so often.
My prayer is that you find this place to be a source of light, however small, along your journey. Much love...

03 December 2010

refresh everything

Regular readers of this blog will probably recognize the name Miller Talbot from the numerous mentions I have made of him, his family and/or his blog, Toward Simplicity. He's a down-to-earth guy who loves the Lord and simply tries to live out Jesus' calling. About a year ago, Miller and his family moved to New Mexico to work with a new non-profit, Adylene's Hope, that was started to serve foster youth. I believe in Miller. And I believe in Adylene's Hope.

Anyway, they've been busy raising money and are now in the running for a major grant from Pepsi. The way they win this grant is by getting the most votes for their project. So I'm asking you to take a few seconds to vote for their project, and then share this info with all your friends/family via any of the social networks you partake in. Pepsi has a really slick website set up (as you would imagine) that makes all of this really simple. Just click the "Vote for this idea" button below to get started. And I urge you to bookmark the site and return to vote everyday in the month of December.