30 January 2007


Those who plant in tears will harvest with shouts of joy.
They weep as they go to plant their seed, but they sing as they return with the harvest.
[Psalm 126:5-6]

The harvest is coming!

28 January 2007

Kevin, Katie + Kids

I'm having one of those uncle moments -- so wishing I could be in Waynesboro with my family and nieces today. I've just spent a half-hour or so looking through all the digital pics I have of them, thanks to their Pap, who probably has no less than 75% of his hard drive dedicated to pics of the girls.

I came across these two pics -- Kevin (my brother) & Kiaya, Katie (my sister-in-law) & Kiera. I thought about writing nothing and just allowing the pics to speak for themselves, but I've got something I'd like to acknowledge.

I'd just like to say that these two are some of the best parents around. To watch these "kids" turn into the parents they've become has been such a blessing. My brother made a Mouer Girls DVD for us this past Christmas -- best present I received -- and it is just priceless to see video of Kevin and Katie interacting with the girls in the "quiet" times at their home. It's so cool when the Lord uses your younger sibilings to teach you big-time life lessons. They have modeled so much to me. The joy their family brings to my life...no words. Each one of you is truly beautiful. I love you guys!

24 January 2007

You Are Beautiful

Earlier this month I was walking across the bridge from City Island into Harrisburg when I noticed new graffiti on the walkway up ahead. I prepared myself for some obscene phrase that I would now have to endure everyday I walked the span. I was pleasantly surprised when I got closer and was able to read: You Are Beautiful. It brought a smile to my face and later proved to have great personal significance to me.

Little did I know that two weeks later I would discover its probable source.

You Are Beautiful is an avant-garde project where people from all over the world use the medium of advertising and commercialization to create art and spread a positive message. Anyone is welcome, there is no age or skill level necessary. The project is as inclusive as the message. The simplicity of this project is as breath-taking as its powerful message.

Definitely spend some time looking around the site. And then get out and contribute to the project.

22 January 2007


Main Entry: ex·hale
Function: verb
1 : to emit breath or vapor; to give forth
2 : to release

Incarnate by Exhale-NL, jeremy for Recreation

16 January 2007

God is Good

My beloved friend...

Look to the stars, they shine God's goodness;
Look to the sunset, whose purple hues are painted reminders of His goodness;
Look to the spider's intricately woven web, its patterns tell a story of His goodness;
Look to Christ, whose life carried out His goodness, once and for all.

Sufjan Stevens . Amazing Grace [follow link to MP3]

15 January 2007

The Dream Remains

On August 28, 1963, from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C., Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered what is commonly referred to as the I Have A Dream speech. You owe it to yourself to listen, watch or read the speech today. Then take some time and reflect upon the challenge of this powerful message.

As a side, Dr. King is definitely one of the great men of this Century that I don't know enough about. If anyone can suggest a book or other resource, please drop me a comment.

12 January 2007

When I Am Gone (Live)

Sparrow House (aka Jared Van Fleet) graces us with a live performance of his beautifully depressing When I Am Gone -- my #3 song of 2006, which I blogged about here and here. And this isn't a music blog, so when I post a song or live performance, it is certified to be pure goodness. And this is. No questions asked. His vocal performance here is stunning, especially when he sings: Did you think that I could roll away the stone. And listen for the alternate lyrics throughout, but especially that last verse. Enjoy.

10 January 2007

Tough Questions

Why do I snicker when a spectator shouts, "Make this one for Jesus!" just before a player shoots a foul shot during a basketball game between two local Christian high schools; but would be the first to think "You gotta make this one for the fans" while watching my beloved Tar Heels on ESPN?

Or why do I compliment a co-worker who hangs red and green tinsel from her desk at Christmas time; but would secretly think to myself that another is a "little weird" if they were to hang little mangers of baby Jesus from their desk?

Is it just me? Am I wrong? Am I guilty of separating my faith from the rest of my life? Is it that I think God is too big to be concerned with the success of a foul shot in a high school game? Is it that I think the incarnation of God is too miraculous of an event to be turned into a simple decoration?

What are your thoughts?

And, more importantly, what are your own tough questions?

09 January 2007

For A Friend

This is my offering. Let it be enough.

Artwork by Brian Marsom

05 January 2007


So I got new towels for Christmas. Black towels. They're really soft. But here's the thing...why do new towels have to shed? It's a mystery to me. My shirts don't shed when I buy them new. Nor do my socks. So what gives with the towels? If you know, drop me a comment.

So as look around my mainly cream-colored bathroom these days, I see a thin coating of black "towel dust" everywhere. Not only that, but that same dust sticks to my skin as well. It drives me nuts.

And this gets me thinking...what kind of dust is my life leaving on those who come into contact with me?

Am I covering them with a thin black dusting?

Or am I leaving particles of light swirling in the air around them?

How about you?

Photo by Chris Harrison

01 January 2007

The Lark Ascending...

And I’m trying to make you sing
From inside where you believe
Like it’s something that you need
Like it means everything

And I’m trying to make you feel
That this is for real, that life is happening
That it means everything

I’m just trying to make you sing

Lyrics by David Crowder Band, The Lark Ascending
Artwork by
Richard Osborn, Lark Ascending

At this point in my life, I sense that this is my main calling -- to make people sing. Not to shove my morals, beliefs or personal truths down their throats, but to equip them with the tools they need to see morality, to believe in that which their souls crave and to discover the source of truth. A friend and fellow disciple recently observed that, at times, I let this deep desire (and gift from God) manifest itself in anger toward others who just aren't getting it, or simply refuse to sing. She's dead on in her observation.

In the beginning of the song that I've quoted above, Crowder is being interviewed by some guy on the phone. Throughout the interview, the guy keeps probing and asking all these follow-up questions because Crowder is not giving concrete answers. And Crowder isn't being aloof or anything, he's just struggling to help the guy see that the important answers in life are one's that come out of our own wrestling with the questions, not someone else's take on the problem. So as the interviewer continues to press him, the music and lyrics literally consume the interview. The guy conducting the interview probably told his friends that Crowder is a prick.

I can't speak for Crowder, but my guess is that, much like me, he's just trying to deal with the frustration of working out this calling we've been given by God and the weight of the responsibility for carrying such. I still have a lot to learn about truly loving people and getting a handle on this call of mine. But everyday I'm truly learning. And striving. And dying. And surrendering. Sincerely trying to lead by example. I've just got so much inside to say, because it is more real to me than anything else I've ever experienced.

In that sense, I guess I'm a lot like a lark -- small and fairly dull in appearance, with often extravagant songs and display flights as I rise into the heavens.

At the very least, that's my heart's desire.