22 August 2008


Currently Reading:
Surprised by the Power of the Spirit . By Jack Deere
I shall in no way pretend that having read three-quarters of this book I have drawn solid conclusions about any present day healing ministries, but Deere has provided great scriptural insight into the healings and miracles performed in the Bible -- both old and new testaments. And Deere's status as a former cessationist lends a unique perspective to the book as he recounts his personal journey into the gifts of the Holy Spirit. I've said it before, but this is yet another brick in the path that is my own faith journey. If you're looking for more info related to the largely ignored and misunderstood role/power of the Holy Spirit, I would offer that this is a good place to begin your own search. BTW: If you ever undertake such a search, let me know what you're finding along the way -- this is an open forum for discussion.

Currently Listening To:
Beck . Odelay
One of my favorite albums of all-time that I just pulled off the shelf for my end-of-summer listening.

Current Life Quote:
"If we are out of our mind, it is for the sake of God."

-Apostle Paul