24 June 2006

More Kiera...




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16 June 2006

Kiera Lynn

What a beautiful name...

What a beautiful baby girl...

I'm a very proud uncle today!

Congratulations Kevin and Katie -- I love you both very deeply.

Oh...and I'd be remiss to not include a pic of Kiera's big sister, Kiaya, who I love beyond words.

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12 June 2006


I listened to Oasis' Wonderwall this morning and actually "heard" the lyrics for the first time.

Well...maybe I've heard them before, but my experiences in life at the time just didn't resonate with the lyrics as strongly.

But today, these simple words took me to another place. I had one of those Matrix-type experiences where like time stopped and everything was happening in slow motion.

The only thing I could hear were the lyrics.

The only thing I could see were the dreams locked inside heart.

The only thing I can know for sure is that everything inside my heart is in the hands of my Creator.

This gives my soul a peace that transcends human comprehension.

What's your song today?

04 June 2006

Love's Fury

What does this painting say to you?

I painted it, so I got my own thoughts, but I'm really interested in what it means to you in the context of where you're at in your journey. What's your story?