31 December 2007

2007 In Song

You may remember my Six for '06 post from last year. If not, you should know that music is a great source of inspiration in my life. That being said, you may be interested to know that these were the songs in 2007 that touched points in my soul that very few things outside of my god, my fiancé or my nieces normally touch. [As always, follow the link to the MP3 and grab them quick, because the links expire in 7 days.]

Feist . I Feel It All
My favorite song of the year. It's perfect indie-pop! Download and put it on repeat!

Radiohead . All I Need
A standout track from my favorite album of the year, In Rainbows. A slow-building, haunting Radiohead materpiece with a rousing piano solo to cap it off -- it really doesn't get any better than this when it comes to Radiohead.

Iron & Wine . Boy With A Coin
Probably one of the most unique songs to emerge in 2007. It's got a sound that's hard to describe, but not hard on the ears. And its just so lyrically poetic and rich.

Band of Horses . No One's Gonna Love You
A more recent favorite band of mine turned out another solid album in 2007. This is one of the best tracks from that album, Cease To Begin. It's also my favorite "love" song of the year.

Gui Boratto . Beautiful Life
This is the electronic music equivilent of a traditional orchestral piece. Clocking in at more than 8min, the "orchestration" moves you in swells throughout its duration -- and just when you think you've reached the end...the wave sweeps back over you.

J. Tillman . Ribbons Of Glass
Lo-fi folk at its very best. This song speaks in so many different ways -- from its lyrics, to its production, to its instrumentation. Realistically beautiful.

Eluvium . Prelude For Time Feelers
This instrumental piece would serve well as the backdrop to a movie scene. And maybe that's why is resonates so strongly -- because we are all living inside of the story of our lives. A story that is valued by something outside of ourselves. A story that should be shared with others. A story that deserves a soundtrack.

Paul Potts . Nessun Dorma
This may seem like an odd choice, but just watch this video and you'll understand a little more clearly. There is beauty hidden deep within all of us just waiting to emerge. And when it does...

And just for fun...

P. Diddy (ft. Christina Aguilera) . Tell Me (Switch Remix)
Bouncy and bubbly! If I were a DJ, I'd drop this one right at the height of the night!

Justice . D.A.N.C.E.
Believe it or not, I couldn't stand this song when I first heard it. And then after a few listens, I couldn't stop listening. Gotta love that Jackson 5-esque hook in there! This jam still brings a smile to my face every time it randomly plays on my iTunes!

Klaxons . Golden Skans (SebastiAn version 1.2.0 Remix)
Almost forgot about this one, seeing that it came out in early January. It's my cell phone ringtone, so I figured it deserved a mention here! This track has dance written all over it!

25 December 2007

A Holy Day

Sufjan Stevens . Holy, Holy, Holy [follow link to MP3]

Were I to play a song for the unique and beloved son of God
on the occassion of His birth, this, without question, would be the one.

14 December 2007

Everyone likes a good story...

Photo by Cody Smart

So what's a 22 year-old, well-educated, eagle scout, former NCAA track and field athlete to do when he graduates and finds himself stuck in the mundane existence of "popular society" with no real optimism for the future? Probably a lot of different things cross your mind. Hitchhiking across America probably wasn't one of them. But that's exactly what Cody Smart did.

In July of 2006, I was sick of the northeast and needed to go. I quit my job and hitched west on I-84 with $430 in my bank account. I spent the next few months on the road, interacting with a peculiar lot of fascinating people (the likes of whom I never would have met with conventional travel). I spent endless rides with red-blooded truckers, lived with homeless people in California, traveled with a fugitive in Louisiana, and worked with fishermen in Alaska. Along the way, I got to hear wild tales and shrewd insights from the mouth of the vast cross section of America that still picks up hitchhikers.
Read the rest of his captivating story here, where he recounts his journey in prose and picture -- both of which are equally stunning!

What is it about a story like this
that just grabs (and holds) our attention?