01 November 2005

The Open Hand...

Currently being inspired by this painting and the following song written by a friend based thereon:

The small sign of mercy
With an impact beyond
These simple minds
To heaven’s throne

Like a picture of heaven
Through skies of gray
A light piercing through us
Gives us hope for our day

You call me child
You call me your own
Through these crossed up pieces of wood
Redemption’s explosion is made known

The power brought forth
That all seek to find
Resting in love’s hands
For all of life’s time

And sing hallelujah to our God above
As we rejoice in His earthbound love


Anonymous said...

That song is powerful. Tell your friend he's gonna be famous someday.

Cales said...
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Cales said...

Both the song as well as the art are excellent expressions of poetic beauty.