24 December 2005

Early Christmas Gift

So I returned to my home town last night and got an early Christmas gift -- easily the best one I'll recieve this year!

Living an hour and a half away from my niece, Kiaya, and only getting home about once every few months or so, there's always a question of how she'll respond to me. Will I get the shy, "hide-behind-mommy-and-daddy" treatment? Will she let me hold her, but be very weary? And how long, if ever, will it take her to warm up to me.

The answer came fairly quick last night. And it's one I'll never forget. For probably the first time in our niece/uncle relationship, we were totally cool. She couldn't get enough of me! She was "ordering" me around everywhere: "sit," "come," "eat," "help." I totally loved it! I got hugs, and I even got kisses!! It's like the best feeling in the world (at least until a little one calls me "daddy" one day). I love you so much, Kiaya, and you gave me the best Christmas gift I've received in quite some time. And that gets me thinking...isn't it always the non-monetary gifts that are the most precious in life; and last the longest in our memories?

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Anonymous said...

Your niece knows a good man when she sees one.....hopefully she will stay that wise throughout her life.