16 April 2006

Resurrected For Humanity


Joanna said...

Hey Troy,
I love this image. Where is it from?

Also, relating to topic below, a couple from my church gave me tiny copy of Gibran's "The Prophet" a couple years ago. And then tonight I started watching Walk the Line. The characters talk about the book briefly and I couldn't remember why it was familiar. Then reading your post I remembered! Funny coincidence. Thanks for sharing. And for posting your original work too! Very cool.

troy. said...

The image is Vijay Felix D'Costa's Resurrection. And thanks for essentially calling me on that -- I need to do a better job acknowledging the artwork that I use on this site. I couldn't find a lot of information on him, but I "borrowed" the image from www.artstall.com, which I found using Google's Image search (a bloggers best friend).

The Prophet is simply an amazing piece of work. So much truth!