21 August 2006

Painted Horses

This is a short film that a couple of friends helped to make as part of The 48 Hour Film Project in Baltimore, MD. As the name implies, they had 48 hours to write, film, score and edit the film. For those not familiar with the film-making process, this is an extraordinary feat. And the end result is well-worth the time it will take you to watch it. UPDATE: The film won two awards -- it tied for Best Cinamatography, as well as Production Design.

It's a tale of two sisters who've come home to attend the presentation of a special award to their father. In a forced attempt to re-connect with each other and their childhood, they discover something important about themselves...and each other. The end result is a natural and mutual respect for the other, to which no words are necessary.

It reminds me that it's always the things that come naturally in life that are the most rewarding to one's soul. In fact, "forcing" naturally implies a lack of respect for the other.

Are you forcing anything in your life?

Maybe it's time to reconsider your efforts. Step into the shoes of another, examine the situation from their point of view and then extend them the compassion that you'd expect to recieve.

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troy. said...

My "friends" at Ordinary Attempts picked up on the topic of forced relationships from this post. So head on over there to discuss.