25 September 2007

break the silence

I haven't shared a song in quite some time.

It's been haunting me for a while.

But the truth is, I haven't stumbled onto anything amazing lately. And then this lo-fi, well lived-in masterpiece of a recording randomly played on my iTunes.

I instantly knew it was the song that would break the silence. As always, enjoy.

J. Tillman . Ribbons of Glass [follow link to MP3]


Tim said...

i love it when that happens.

a song can be born-again, so to speak, in our hearts and minds.

Anonymous said...

Any chance you could post the lyrics?

troy. said...

I can't find official lyrics anywhere on the net, but this is what I hear (after many listens w/ earbuds):

Ribbons of glass
Hang along my past
No one that young(?)
Should feel the way a spring bird does

White sheets, bed(?) down
'Fore our legs(?) touch the ground
We can't rest
We don't lie
In the gaze of hindsight

If any of you hear something different, please share.