05 February 2008


Astonishingly beautiful and complex visualization of Biblical cross-references by Chris Harrison. And you must view the full-size version to do this piece of work justice -- simply click on the picture above.

And be sure to check out his other work, which uses all of the people and places found in the Bible to create stunning pieces of graphic art.

So...how does this move you?


Diana said...

This is just awesome. I have been looking at it and reading about it (I checked out the link) for 2 days now. I can't fully wrap my head around it, but it is truly amazing to realize in this visual form how completely connected God's Word is. SO cool!

Bruno said...

this is pretty neat. you should also checkout out beautiful creative commons photography for future blog posts. I knw you like to use photos and this guy lets anyone take his photos... which is neat.

I hope you've been doing well, and getting ready for the wedding.

troy. said...

D - I totally agree. 100%

Bruno - Thanks for taking a look. And that site you recommended is amazing. That guy is doing some beautiful work. Oh...and wedding plans are all falling into place. We should talk sometime.

Tim said...

these images remind me of how everything is connected... sort of like the butterfly effect weaved in and out of the Scriptures.
the names.
the places.
the paths taken and not taken.

that is what i thought of...