17 April 2008

From the desk of Troy B. Mouer, Esq.

I noticed this earlier this afternoon upon entering my office. It was a much needed reminder to me that the Lord still speaks in small (and seemingly insiginificant) ways.

Sorry about the quality of the pic, it's from my camera phone.

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Anonymous said...

It is a small (and seemingly insignificant) ways to remind us of a great (rather significant) event in history (HIS Story).

I am reminded of the movie "Passion of the Christ". All believers should see it once. It is a visual reminder of what God ask Jesus to do for me.

I can't do, say or write anything that is worthy, but with tears in my eyes I say "thank you" Jesus, I am "grateful".

I am not today what I would like to be, but thanks to the cross, I am better today than yesterday.