22 August 2008


Currently Reading:
Surprised by the Power of the Spirit . By Jack Deere
I shall in no way pretend that having read three-quarters of this book I have drawn solid conclusions about any present day healing ministries, but Deere has provided great scriptural insight into the healings and miracles performed in the Bible -- both old and new testaments. And Deere's status as a former cessationist lends a unique perspective to the book as he recounts his personal journey into the gifts of the Holy Spirit. I've said it before, but this is yet another brick in the path that is my own faith journey. If you're looking for more info related to the largely ignored and misunderstood role/power of the Holy Spirit, I would offer that this is a good place to begin your own search. BTW: If you ever undertake such a search, let me know what you're finding along the way -- this is an open forum for discussion.

Currently Listening To:
Beck . Odelay
One of my favorite albums of all-time that I just pulled off the shelf for my end-of-summer listening.

Current Life Quote:
"If we are out of our mind, it is for the sake of God."

-Apostle Paul


Tim said...

the book looks interesting. i help organize and lead a week-long summer youth camp/conference for Senior high youth... we happen to be exploring a theme for 2009 that has something to do with the Spirit and the freedom that comes with the power of the Spirit...

might need to check out this book.

currently listening to Van Halen - Jump... and thinking about new beginnings.

troy. said...

Tim -- the topic you're considering for next year's camp sounds interesting. One thing that struck me while reading through the first quarter of this book was the lack of teaching I received as a teen on the subject. And then when I really thought about it, I realized in my 30-some years in the organized church, I've never heard a systematic teaching on healing as it relates to the present day.

Hence my distrust and skepticism of anyone on earth claiming to have such a ministry. There is no doubt that I 100% believe in the power of Christ to heal, but even writing this now turns gears in my head and stomach that say "hit the delete button before anyone reads this and thinks you're a little out there." I don't believe God intended for us to live with this fear. Which is why I put that quote in there from Paul -- kinda to back me up!!

Anyway...it just hit me really hard (this lack of teaching, that is) and now I sit here and wonder how things might be different if I had, but yet pushing forward to take hold of this life as it now is, equipped with a heart and mind that is trying to look beyond my own experiences in defining this theology of faith.

I'll be praying about the direction of your topic for next year's camp.

miller said...

great photo... i mean that's really stunning! makes me want to go wade around in ice cold streams with my camera


i miss you bro

how do we get more conversation?

here's hopin'


troy. said...

how do we get more conversation?

I guess dinner, coffee or you coming over to help redo my kitchen is out of the question? ;)