08 October 2008

For a friend

I was blessed by a friend yesterday as that person simply shared with me about their current life situation -- the hardships, struggles, glimpses of hope and a desire to honor God in the process. This person has no idea that I was so blessed. And how could they, for it was really the work of the Spirit in my own heart responding to their sharing. Nor does this person realize that they are actually "in chains for Christ" (as Paul described it in his letter to the followers of Jesus in Philippi).

My prayer today is that this child of God would hear the Father's call.
That they would know the Spirit's voice.


Lauren said...

Good to bump into you yesterday. Wish we could have caught up more.

troy. said...

Good to see you too, and Lilly, of course. As I said, she is truly a beautiful girl and was just so full of life!

In re catching up...I agree. Believe it or not, I struggle in certain social situations and it's just Satan speaking a bunch of lies into my head. Anyway...I always worry that other people will take it the wrong way (i.e. like I don't care about their life or whatever), b/c that's just not true.

So there it is...hopefully a bunch of people will read this and better understand me.

Hopefully I'll be more prepared next time we happen to bump into each other. Blessings...