23 July 2010

What other people are saying...

I launch today what I hope to be a somewhat regular feature here at Defy The Gray. Not trying to hide the ball or anything with the title, What other people are saying... will feature a thought from someone who is not me.  I may include a visual.  I may not.  Depends on whether I have the time to find something I feel compliments, contradicts or adds to the thought in some way.  Although I won't share my motiviation(s) for posting a particular thought, I can assure you that, at some level, it resonates deeply with me.

And please keep the conversation going by sharing your own thoughts in the comments.  This blog has long been a forum for discussion, albeit it sparse at times, and I want to continue to foster and encourage that.

I want to inspire people to say what they feel and not what they feel like they're supposed to say.
Because they feel like they're supposed to do something, they don't give themselves the opportunity to be genuine. They'll just say the same words, which are great words, but after a while they stop meaning anything. We need new words to say the same thing because after a while the words lose their potency.

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