23 March 2011


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God Guides . Mary Geegh
This is not a book that tells one story from beginning to end, in the traditional sense. Rather, it's a collection of true stories, from Geegh's 38 years as a missionary in India, that tells of the power of Christ, as one submits to His leading through the "art" of listening prayer. It's a rather simple idea, yet so profound in its effect. I'm excited (and convicted at the same time) to begin this art; this method of strengthing my communion with my Creator. Highly recommended.

Currently Listening To
Peter Bradley Adams . I Cannot Settle Down - Sampler
A long-time reader of this blog would know that music is one of the major ways in which I believe the truths of God are impressed upon my heart. That being said, I'm always on the lookout (although not as actively as I once was) for that next artist or song that portrays such truth. I grabbed this sampler for free from NoiseTrade. If you don't know NoiseTrade, you should. And while I like all of the songs, there are two or three that just completely stop you in your tracks. They are just so beautiful, both the vocals and instrumentation, but yet very simple. Combine that with honest songwriting, and you've got me listening to these tracks on repeat for days on end.

Current Life Quote
"Accept His love for others, and His love from others, then His miracles can happen. For it is really Christ in others who reaches out to us."
-Mary Geegh

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Tim said...

Christs' love manifest -in the actions and words of people.

He said we'd do greater things than He would do. through the One - many are able...