14 July 2006


So this weekend is about rest.

I'm going home to visit with my family and have a picnic with some dear friends. I'm going to hold my 1-month old niece until her Mommy takes her away from me. I'm going to play with my 2-year old niece until she can no longer play. I'm going to eat some of the best grilled chicken around (prepared by my Dad, who haughtily calls himself "The Grillmaster"). And I'm going to partake of an array of picnic-type foods all prepared by the best cook I've ever known -- my Mum. I'm going to sit around with my friends and family and talk about life. About things that really matter. About eternal things. And I'm pretty sure we're going to laugh alot as well.

What are you doing this weekend?
No, what are you really doing this weekend?


GrillMaster said...

I'm also grilling shrimp.

miller said...

i'll be writing my final exam in old testament and preparing for my comps.

pray for me as you rest


troy. said...

Oh yeah...I almost forgot about the shrimp!!

And Miller -- thanks for the info. It'll help me pray more specifically. Strength and honour...

Joanna said...

Sounds wonderful Troy. I hope it was as great as was anticipated.
Since you asked, I wrote a book about my weekend. Come check it out when you have lot's of spare time.