23 July 2006

Truly Seeing Yourself

May you believe in God...
But may you come to see that God believes in you.

May you have faith in Jesus...
But may you come to see that Jesus has faith that you can be like him...

A person of love and compassion and truth.

A person of forgiveness and peace and grace and joy and hope.

Rob Bell . Dust . Nooma 008


miller said...

that, my friend...

requires a work of God

a touch of Jesus

may we all be shaped today by the finger of the Son in the service of the Father!

thanks bro!


Jean said...

Thanks Troy, I am reminded of the significance of community in becoming the person who Jesus desires and the empowerment of the Trinity to be the person of love, compassion,truth and forgiveness.

Anonymous said...

That not only requires and work of God & touch of Jesus


work on my part to study His Word & talk to God thru prayer

God and Jesus are always ready to do their part, it is me who needs to put forth more effort on my end.

I'm a slackard

troy. said...

Yeah...but you're a loved slackard.

We're all loved slackards who are golden in His eyes!

Tim said...

"there is nothing you can do to make God love you more and there is nothing you can do to make God love you less."
-Rich Mullins