26 December 2006

Christmas Blessing

I'm so "addicted" to my nieces that I can't even wait to get home today and post pictures taken with an actual camera (as opposed to the one in my cell phone). I told a friend earlier today that, after spending some time with my family over Christmas, I was reminded that they are my greatest reminder of God's love for me here on this earth. What blessings He hath bestowed upon us.

This is my six-month old niece, Kiera. She is a beautiful reflection of the innocence and light that entered this World some 2,000 years ago with the birth of little baby boy who would one day save the World. Last night after all the commotion that occurs when opening gifts with your extended family (including four kids under the age of 6), I held Kiera in a quiet corner of the living room while she slept. As I often do when I get the chance to hold her, I just stared into her face. Tears streamed down my face as I lovingly observed her peaceful aura. It's heavenly! I can close my eyes right now and see her and feel all the emotions her presence drags from the depths of my heart.

A few minutes later she awoke, fussed a little and her mommy was quick to whisk her away into more comforting arms. And that's the way I like it -- as little crying as necessary, for all too soon, she too will face the darkness of this World. I guess my prayer is that just as the arms of her mommy will provide comfort during her infancy and childhood, the grown arms of that same baby boy will surround her and protect her at all times.


Anonymous said...

Look at those eyes.

Anonymous said...

One of the things I like best about you bro...your not afraid to cry.