10 February 2007

sweetest downfall

sweetest downfall [2007]
acrylic & wax on canvas


Becky said...

I think its your most beautiful painting yet...but my guess is, not your most beautiful ever.

Miller said...


i love it! it really speaks to me.


Diana said...

You have been busy, my friend. This is amazing!

How did you decide to start using wax?

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the whole painting! Mum

troy. said...

Thanks all. I appreciate your support.

As to using wax...

So an artist like Caitlin can actually paint objects (like trees and landscapes) and use them to tell a story. I'm not gifted in this manner and my style has always been influenced by color abstract painters like Mark Rothko, who told stories through the use of color without employing objects in their works.

So as an exclusively-abstract painter who uses little (if any) objects in telling a story, I'm consumed with the use of texture to add different levels (literally and figuratively) to the story I'm painting.

I've used rice paper, magazine paper and canvas in the past. Wax is another medium. This was actually the first time I used it. And I'm fairly happy with the results.

And now I should probably thank a friend of mine, Bruno Andrews, for opening my mind to the use of texture in my work.

Bruno said...

Thanks for the plug Troy, you do good work. Keep it up, but remember, the more you do... the better you have to be. Do something totally risky and daring next time.

I'd love to see it in real life.