23 March 2007

Don't Fade Away...

Amanda Rogers . My Golden Thread [follow link to MP3]


Anonymous said...

The music is beautiful.

What do the words mean?

How does this "golden thread" compare to the “scarlet cord” in Joshua 2:18?

troy. said...

Before I respond, I just wanted to give you a chance to spend some time with the lyrics. They are just amazingly simple and beautiful...

Don't fade away
My golden thread
You hold me in
This dream I have
I wake again
You go... you go... you go
To my head

One night I slept
As life had passed
I dreamt this life
A dream I like
No need to wake
You flow... you flow... you flow
Through my head

I'll breathe you in
With no exhale

You'll hold me in
Needle and thread
You'll sew me in
My golden thread

jean said...

Thanks for posting the words. As I read them my thoughts were of Ps. 139:5 "You hem me in--behind and before; you laid your hand upon me." Ps 32:10...the Lord's unfailing love surrounds the man who trust in him."

I agree the song and lyrics are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

What does the "Golden Thread" represents for you in your life?

That may help me understand the lyrics.

troy. said...

As my regular readers know, I'm a strong believer that lyrics and art should have very different and personal meanings to each and every person who hears/views the work. That said, I also know that the opinions of others have helped to form, shape and refine my own views of life. So that's why I share this with you guys.

To me, the golden thread in this song represents love -- both a human love and a godly love. Maybe even more so, it represents the mystery of love. Like how can one emotion account for so much of our physical and mental well-being? What causes us to crave love? Why do we need it to feel complete? There are tons of answers to these questions, but I believe they all boil down to this – God created us to love and be loved. It’s simply a part of the very fibers that we are sewn together with. Love is the thread that runs through every part of me, and every part of you.

So, given that, I do everything within me to satisfy that craving. In the end, most of the stuff I do is fleeting; but that all helps me to better recognize true love. And when I become aware of true love, I do everything I can to hold onto that love. And even though I know true love is a gentle, secure and permanent covering, my humanness causes me to fear its loss – hence the line: Don’t fade away. As Miller would say, we’re all lobotomized yo-yos. Call it a lack of trust, a lack of faith, or whatever, but it’s the lies of Satan and they directly fly in the face of truth (i.e. love).

The rest of the song deals with finding and recognizing that true love. And when you do, you breathe it in with no exhale. You never want it to fade. You never want to let it go. But all you really need to do is trust, and allow yourself to rest in its safety. Allow it to hold you so closely. Allow it to hold you so tightly. So strongly. It’ll sew you in. It’ll bind you to it. You just need to let love do the work. The Psalm 139:5 passage Jean pointed out speaks of this.

As far as the Joshua passage, I don't see a strong connection. Depending on how far you'd like to venture, that passage reminds me of the mark the Israelites in Egypt had to put on their doors in order to escape the Lord’s plague. Both red marks, both signs to the Lord to spare those inside.

And that kinda reminds me of the blood of Christ -- which covers those who believe and acts as a sign to the Lord to spare those. That's a covenant based on love, so I guess it’s more connected than I first thought.

So what do you guys think?

jean said...

Troy, you are right-- each post that I read, listen or view will move my spirit in a deep personal way yet, I can't agree more that the blogs posted by those whom I deeply respect have shaped and refined my views.

You speak of the mystery of love...and yet there is no mystery to..."Love is the thread that runs through every part of me, and every part of you."

That golden thread is the cord of three strands that is not easily broken and which at times is beautifully expressed in prayer.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your explanation.

I liked it better than the song lyrics.

Very insightful.

Anonymous said...


I guess the golden thread and the scarlet cord do have something in common, there both a love story