04 May 2007


Currently Reading:
A Chance to Die: The Life and Legacy of Amy Carmichael . By Elisabeth Elliot
This isn't an easy read. It's very lengthy. Elliot confusingly weaves quotes from Amy Carmichael with her own prose to tell of Carmichael's life of total servanthood. We literally meet about a thousand people along the way, and I can't remember a single one of them when mentioned throughout the rest of the book. Carmichael herself is rather disagreeable and borders on unlikeable. But I keep going back to it. Much like the comforts given up by Carmichael in choosing a life dedicated solely to Christ and the orphans of India, this book isn't about making me feel good. It's a further attempt to push my own heart closer to the One who weaved it together. Carmichael trusted. Will I?

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Feist . Open Season
So there's this girl who sings in a number of different bands. One day she releases her own album, Let It Die. It meets critical success. Before she gets around to recording a follow-up, she releases Open Season, an album of remixes and collaborations featuring songs from Let It Die. I like it. A lot.

Current Life Quote:
Okay...so it's really not a quote. The author calls it a manifesto. I call it another must read.

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