13 May 2007


"Her children [and grandchildren] rise up and call her blessed." [Proverbs 31:28]

This is my mum (not mom). She's truly a woman of noble character. We talk sometimes about all the experiences we've shared in life. She tends to get a little misty-eyed thinking that my brother and I are all grown up now and those days are far behind us. I always remind her that no one can ever take away our memories. Like this one --

I'll never forget lunch times during our summer breaks from elementary school. After breakfast, my brother and I would race outside to play with our Matchbox cars in the dirt cities we created, make forts in the overgrown bushes that lined our property, climb trees and ride our bikes. At some point around Noon, Mum would call us in for lunch (or did we instinctively know to return?) Kevin and I would set up trays in the living room and then we'd all eat together and watch about an hour of TV. And we loved this!! I can't even remember most of the shows we watched, but I certainly remember my company. Soon after, we'd head back outside to play, only to return around 5pm to sit up on the back of the couch to wait and watch for Dad to come home...but that's a story for next month!

Mum -- have a great day! I love you beyond words.

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